Hi our doors are  coated with  EDP, or elector-deposit primer, is a protective coating that is applied to Steel and Aluminium replacement automotive panels. This primer protects your panels during transport and storage and adds a layer of corrosion resistance after priming and painting. After fabrication and cleaning, your panels are then electrically charged before being dipped into a primer bath. The electric charge draws an even layer of primer to all surfaces where it then bonds to create an even, protective coating. 
You don’t need to fully remove the EDP coating before installation and painting. For top coating, you can simply scuff the surface to increase adhesion of your final primer and paint layers when using 2k systems. 
The paint used can removed by flatting or wiped down with standard thinners. Do not use cellulose based primers or paints without removal and use a proven paint system.  
Some times some paint systems can react with EDP this is very rare ,recommend testing in a non visible part if possible. Aerosol cans can have this effect if the amount and no drying time is not long enough.
We don't have any records of this problem with all our panels that are coated in the black and the grey EDP.