BECM – Body Control Module (suitable for Range Rover – P38A vehicles) the following special functions are available for BeCM on the scan tool:

There are several configurable parameters on the BeCM. The scan tool can be used to alter these parameters. Most parameters are functional, such as ‘Fog lamps Fitted’, ‘Sunroof Fitted’. Other parameters relate to the vehicle configuration, such as engine type, gearbox type. Some parameters also relate to security, and hence can only be altered on a new or ‘unlocked’ BeCM module. The lock state of the module can be viewed under the Programming – Security selection, but this parameter can only be changed from ‘Unlocked’ to ‘Locked’. This should be used when a new module has been installed and all parameters listed below have been entered correctly. WARNING: Once locked a BeCM cannot be unlocked using the scan tool. Parameters only available under the ‘unlocked’ state are VIN (last 6 digits) Immobiliser Code: - For EDC and Motronic engine management systems, this must be entered into a new BeCM in order for the engine start synchronisation to work. For EDC systems, the code must be read from the EDC system using the scan tool and entered here. For the GEMS system, any code can be entered here (0 – 65535), but after entry the ‘Learn Security’ option must be selected from the GEMS module on the scan tool.

EKA Code: The Emergency Key Access number for the vehicle. Must be a 4-digit number, each digit must be 1 – 6, all digits cannot be the same (e.g. 2222).

Fob Code: This is a three-part Fob code, which is created from the 14-digit barcode number found on the lockset and key fob. If a lockset is replaced, a new Fob code must be entered. This code can be obtained from Land Rover dealers, by supplying them with the 14-digit barcode number.

ECU Lock Status: As mentioned previously this can only be changed from ‘unlocked’ to ‘locked’. This should only be done when the correct VIN, Immob Code, EKA and Fob Code have been entered.
Note: An unlocked BeCM module will still function correctly when fitted to a vehicle. The only side-effect of this is that diagnostics with certain other modules (HeVAC) may be impaired.


WARNING: Once locked a BeCM cannot be unlocked using the scan tool.